Friday, November 29, 2013

Charitable Gifts - 2013 First Year for FDSC 25% additional tax credit

2013 is the first year for a potential 25% increase in tax savings on Charitable Gifts for First Time Donor's Super Credit

Our December 2013 Newsletter is all about how to save taxes, and there is interesting news for First Time Charitable Donations.  A new tax credit called the FDSC (First Time Donor's Super Credit) allows for an additional 25% in tax credits for qualified donors.  In addition there are other tax saving ideas for you to consider.  This message is especially important though, because the opportunity to use these saving options will expire at year end!   This is time sensitive information so use this link now to get all the details you need to see if these ideas work for you.  The link below will take you to the home page on our website, look for the red banner "Other News and Events" and click on the newsletter  2013 Time Sensitive Tax Savings